Academic Activities


Academic Calendar

Use of up-to-date technological aids such as LCD, OHP / Slide Projectors to make the lectures effective for conveying new ideas.

The students perform various practicals by actually handling various instruments in our full fledged laboratories and thereby confirm whatever they have studied in theory.

Regular assignments are given to the students for self study of syllabus topics. Students are required to present the results of study in front of the whole class.

Written tests are organized by the college to provide a personalized focus for each student's work. Normally, each student attends 5 tests for each subject which are accessed regularly.

They provide an opportunity to gain experience of the process of design and it's application in the real life industrial scenario. A project is generally carried out in group of 2 to 3 students.

It improves stage presentation along with the speaking and thinking capabilities of the students.

Aptitude test-
To improve the mental level of students, regular aptitude tests are conducted.

Educational Tours-
It helps to provide Industry - Institute linkage and help students to understand practical applications.

Lecture Series-
Guest lectures are organized on regular basis on current technical issues.

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